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Grocery Bag Mission

Renewal Of Grocery Bag Motel Ministry – As you know, for years we have participated in this ministry coordinated by the First Baptist Church.  It stopped due to the pandemic and is now resuming. Many faith communities in the greater Bordentown area have agreed to collect different items so that a range of food items can be included in each bag.  Our job has been to collect microwaveable, high protein meals (the goal is 140 cans/month) such as cans of stew, soup with pop-top lids, and Chef Boyardee pasta meals.  We’ve now been asked to also collect cereal boxes (regular size, not individual small ones). Please leave donations in the basket on the left in the rear of the sanctuary.  The Mission Commission invites each family to attempt to bring at least one high protein meal and one box of cereal (honey nut cheerios are especially coveted, but don't limit yourself to them!) at least once a month. Thank you.



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