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From the Pastor


Dear Siblings,


As our Mission Commission has decided to explore the possibility of becoming a Presbyterians for Earth Care congregation, we are evaluating ways in which we might be more kind toward the earth God entrusted to our care. One change we have decided to explore, with the support of the Worship Commission, is the way we print our bulletins for worship. Having begun Sunday, June 30, you will notice three primary differences in our bulletins:

     1) We have printed the words of the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed on cards distributed throughout our worship space. I know many of you have memorized these. The cards are intended to be a way to welcome our siblings who may not have done so. I remember fumbling through the hymnal in search of these the first time I set foot in a Presbyterian Church.  We hope y’all will help us by making sure these cards are distributed throughout our worship space, and mostly left in place at the end of worship.  They are not laminated- we hope our siblings who are less familiar with the words will feel comfortable taking them to be used as a tool for prayer.

     2) Cream bulletins contain the primary liturgy for the liturgical season in which we find ourselves.  Underlined portions indicate components of worship that will change each week: the call to worship, hymns, scripture readings, psalms, and sermon titles. We will reuse these from week to week throughout each season in order to save paper and ink. Please set these on the back counter at the end of worship to be reused.

     3) A white bulletin insert printed each week will contain the underlined worship components which are indicated in the cream bulletins, as well as up-to-date announcements and calendars. Since this will change weekly, we invite you to separate and recycle these each week at the end of worship.


I realize this change may be difficult to adjust to, and I want to hear about ways in which it is going well and ways in which you think it might be improved. Our prayer is that, by utilizing this new way of printing our bulletins we will become better stewards of God’s creation by saving ink and paper. We will also explore other ways we impact our environment and community, both individually and as a congregation. If you have any questions or concerns about this new initiative, or suggestions about other ways we might better care for the earth God entrusted to our care, please contact me.


Grace and love,

Pastor Kristin



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