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From the Pastor


Dear Siblings,


Advent is a season of expectation and preparation for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We enter

this season knowing what happens on Good Friday and Easter. We enter this season knowing that

Jesus walks with and teaches his disciples and all the people he encounters. We enter this season

knowing the outcome of his life and work, and trusting in his love as we experience God’s grace

and mercy. But what if we did NOT know all these things?


I invite you to enter this season with me as though you are an expectant parent waiting for the

birth of your child- one whom you know will turn your world upside down, but you cannot even

begin to imagine how. We, the Church, wait with expectation for the birth of this very child, with

hope for the future of the world. We dream about (and maybe even fear) the surprises this child

will bring to our lives as s/he says first words, takes first steps, sleeps away from home for the first

time, and eventually leaves home in the late teens. We dream about a future in which this child

will become an adult and bring about peace and good things for society.


All the while, as we dream, we prepare a room in our hearts for this very special child just as a

parent prepares a nursery. As we do so, we think about what can’t wait. I invite you to join me

each Sunday of Advent as we ask, “What can’t wait?” Join me also throughout Advent in the

following prayer by Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |


What can’t wait? Hope for a better day.

What can’t wait? Peace and repentance, among and within us.

What can’t wait? Joy and delight! Our cup runs over.

What can’t wait? Love for self, love for neighbor, love for Creator, and love for creation.

God is waiting, and God is ready. Starting here and now—let us worship Holy God. Amen.


Grace and love,

Pastor Kristin



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