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Dear Siblings,


As we enter 2020 many will set goals and New Year’s Resolutions, things like working out at least 2-3 times a week, losing 20 pounds, or sitting down to eat a homecooked meal at least once or twice a week. I have to admit that I have never been much

for setting these resolutions - they are just one more thing for me to forget about and usually end up failing. This year, if you have not yet set a resolution, I invite you to resolve to fail with me.


Bear with me now! I am not suggesting you mess up or ruin anything. What I am suggesting is that you join me as we take a step back, pray, reflect, and consider what is really important. What might you be able to cut from your list of priorities and

commitments, in order to make more room for what is important?


The holiday season is a particularly busy one, sometimes made more complicated by unexpected health struggles, visiting family, and grief over loss or death of loved ones.  We strive to make everything look picture-perfect, often piling new goals on top of old

goals and calling them all “traditions.” These high expectations and hopes for perfection too often result in extra stress and frustration when things do not go as planned, during the holidays and beyond. And let’s be honest- things almost never go as planned!


So join me! Let’s take time to re-evaluate the list of priorities and re-decide what is important, really important. What are we really here to accomplish, both on our own and together as a community? What can we let go and let fail? Now let’s do that!


Grace and love,

Pastor Kristin




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