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Director of Music




Christian Education/Youth Group Dir.


Pastor William Stell

William Stell graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in May 2016 and began serving as our pastor two months later. Before studying at Princeton, he lived and worked in the country of Jordan at a school for Deaf and Deaf-Blind children. Although his familial roots are Presbyterian, William was raised in a black Baptist church, and he has spent significant time in Methodist, Catholic, non-denominational, and other church traditions. We are grateful for the enthusiastic spirit and visionary leadership that he brings to our congregation!

Gwendolyn (Wendy) Huber

Gwendolyn Huber (Wendy) has been at the First Presbyterian Church of Bordentown since May of 1996. She was brought up Mennonite in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and graduated from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. When she's not at the Presbyterian Church or at home in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, she sings in a couple of Celtic Roots bands and, among other things, teaches music and yoga  at a several Nursery Schools.


Growing up, there was always a song on her lips and it is her goal to foster the same love of singing and the same expression through music wherever she finds herself, including in this wonderfully musical congregation. She can't think of a better way to teach, or learn, express, or worship than through music and feels fortunate to be surrounded by many like-minded people.

Bob Lowden (piano and organ)

Music became my real passion from the time I was a little boy. My mother claimed that I sang the song, “Now is the Hour” before I learned how to talk. I knew that when I started taking piano lessons at age 7 ½, that is what I wanted to do with my life as well as teach. Even as a child I was trying to teach my classmates how to play the piano. It always seemed that I lived and breathed music.  Throughout my career, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have studied with top notch teachers in the Boston, Trenton, and Philadelphia areas.

I was always taught that it is better to give to others than to receive. To be able to glorify God and make a difference in people’s lives is so very rewarding. I receive back more than people realize. Music is such a wonderful form of expression, and one mentioned many times in the Bible, particularly in the book of Psalms.  I receive such a blessing from the Almighty as I always tell people, Soli Deo Gloria-To God Be the Glory. It’s for Him that I serve.

I love performing and bringing to others a sense of gratification through music. The Lord wants me to witness through music-particularly performing, but it’s also wonderful to impart what I’ve learned to others via teaching. The older I get, the more passionate I’m becoming in my performing and my teaching.

I truly feel I was called to be a part of the ministry at First Presbyterian.  I’ve served in a variety of churches since 1966, and have always felt that regardless of my other musical duties, God always comes first, as is reflected in my programs.



Guy Tassi

Guy has lived in Hamilton NJ since 1986. He and his wife Patricia joined the First Presbyterian Church of Bordentown in 2002. The following year Guy became the Chief Financial Secretary for the Church, a position he held until 2015. From 2008 through 2013 he served as an Elder and in 2014 he began serving as a Deacon. In August 2015 he became Treasurer. He also assists with the youth group of the Church.

Guy graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, with a Major in Accounting. He is a licensed CPA in New Jersey and has worked for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury for 32 years. He also has been preparing tax returns for over 25 years.

Guy has been an active member of the Association of Governmental Accountants – Trenton Chapter and served as the President of the Chapter three times. For several years he participated in the Big Brother program.

Guy is an avid sports fan and having grown up in South Jersey, follows all the Philadelphia teams. Guy also enjoys reading and admits to being a big fan of professional wrestling.


Donna Valeri


Several years ago, after retiring from the corporate world, Donna found herself with a little too much free time. She had never been a secretary, but believed her computer skills and her strong Christian background would help her qualify for the position at Bordentown Presbyterian. Donna was right, she proved to be just the person we were looking for. She says that she loves it here, and is thrilled to be a part of this active, caring congregation she has grown to love. And we don’t know what we ever did without her.

Donna earned her B.S. degree in Education from Trenton State College (TCNJ) and completed one year of graduate school with an Education major.

Donna and her husband, Joe, have been happily married for over 38 years and have two children, Kristina (married to John) and Joey (married to Jesse). She and Joe live in Columbus and are active parishioners at St. Mary’s RC Church in Bordentown. Donna volunteers at their Food Pantry and Altar Linen Ministry. She enjoys gardening, baking, reading, walking, and babysitting her precious granddaughter, Siena.


Dana Maiuro

Dana grew up in the church, attending Sunday School, singing in children's choir, and participating as an active and enthusiastic member of Youth Group. Dana also served as a Youth Member of Session. These combined experiences prepared her well for her current position on the staff of the church. She worked with the Youth Group for the past 9 years, first as a helper and then as Youth Group Leader. In 2012 she assumed the role of Director of Christian Education, placing both areas, Christian education and Youth Group, under her leadership.

Dana attended Rider University majoring in Elementary Ed and Music, programs which enhanced the skills she uses in her work at the church. She has a gift for helping Sunday School kids and Youth Groupers find their place both inside and outside of the church.


Don Ryba

Don and his wife Dana first joined the congregation in 1998. He became actively involved in 2003 as a member of the Board of Trustees, which later became the Buildings & Grounds Team. Don was ordained as an Elder in 2006 and eventually served for 5 years as chair-person of Buildings & Grounds. Don is currently a member of Session and helps to oversee the financial affairs of the church including the development and management of the annual Budget. With his usual devotion to the welfare of the church, he took on the role of Custodian in 2013 to assure that our church properties reflect our desire for stewardship of resources.

Don was born and raised in the city of Trenton as part of a large Roman Catholic parish where his family was very active. He attended parochial schools in Trenton and earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Rider University. When he and his wife moved to Bordentown City they were looking for a smaller church close to home. They immediately found our church to be a comfortable welcoming place and are very happy having their two sons grow up here.


Church Leadership




Financial Secretaries

Audit Committee

Nominating Committee

Kathie Ackerman (18-3)

John Burke (20-2)

Deb Branson (18-1)

Blake Bolinger (18-2)

Donna Potts (18-1)

Don Ryba (19-2)

Linda Miller (19-1)

Ted Miller (19-1)

John Robertshaw (20-1)

Emily Albrecht - Youth Representative

Jane Erickson (18-2)

Megan Arnold (18-1)

Pat Andrus (18-2)

Marlene Lyszczak (18-1)

Bobbi Maiuro (20-1)

Karen Chamberlin (19-1)

Lisa VanPelt (19-1)

Amy Dallas (19-1)

Celia Bolinger - Youth representative

Clerk:  Kathie Ackerman

Finance:  Don Ryba

Building & Grounds:  Ted Miller

Christian Education:  John Burke and Emily Albrecht

Stewardship:  Deb Branson

Worship:  Donna Potts

Personnel:  Linda Miller

Congretional Life:  Kathie Ackerman

Mission:  Blake Bollinger

Membership:  Deb Branson

Outreach:  John Robertshaw


Jim Andrus

George Carmichael (Chief Financial Secretary)

Dot Barnard

Jane Erickson



Colleen Burke

Kathie Seamam

Mike Onofri (ad hoc)



Jane Erickson

Cathy Elliot-Shaw

Pat Terry

Corinne Agins





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